The reward of good taste is lifelong value. In our ever-changing world, DPRD blurs the line between "what's his" and "what's hers" as a unisex jewelry brand. DPRD is an innovative collection of jewelry consisting of interchangeable necklaces, bracelets, and rings that allow the wearer to hook and snap any of our ring styles, their own rings, or family heirlooms onto our exclusive pieces. We believe that by reinventing the way jewelry functions, we reinvent the way we adorn ourselves.

We are in the business of creating an experience. Our necklaces and bracelets can be used as an alternative way of wearing wedding rings, charms, and family heirlooms. We all have jewelry boxes full of alluring things waiting to be dusted off and reinvented. You can simply snap your own pieces onto any of our exclusive designs, and re-create something you already own into a brand new exclusive piece that’s unlike anything else in the market. Or, you can use our customizable ring designs to create new memories and keep up to date with the latest in the jewelry trends.

Handmade entirely in New York City, DPRD practices ethical use of materials and sustainable metals.





Our signature collection is inspired by clean lines and geometric shapes with a strong point of view and attention to detail. Subtle design elements such as a gyspsy set crystal in the back of our classic signet rings set the tone for a fresh take on timeless classics.

DPRD was born from unisex concepts that came before it such as ‘the boyfriend jean’ and ‘the boyfriend watch.’ We give each of our pieces a unisex namesake to continue moving forward as a platform for genderless fashion.

As women continued to steal their boyfriend’s fashion trends, designer Gabrielle Nicole set out to create a line of jewelry that blurs the line between gender influences.

Equally as important, we make jewelry you can feel good about: Every DPRD piece is made of ethically sourced materials from the USA, and we use only clean, recycled metals. 


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Sleek on their own, or interchangeable with any ring, necklace, and bracelet style.